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Since perhaps pre-historic times, mankind has been fascinated by the beauty of gold in its natural form, nuggets. As time has progressed, some civilizations have placed extraordinary value to this precious metal. The recent for this probably relates to its rarity and relative purity. Thus, people have gone to the far ends of the earth to find and mine this treasure and even today fortunes can be made by finding "the great strike".

Unfortunately for most of us, traveling to underexplored regions of the globe is not likely. Within the more accessible regions of the world, most existing large scale deposits are also low in grade. Therefore, large investments of capital are needed to mine the ore bodies at a large enough scale to make a profit.

Luckily, we do not have to prospective for gold for a living. We can enjoy it as a hobby. Where the goal is not necessary to turn a profit, but to find treasure in being outdoors and maybe a little gold.

This site is dedicated to the recreational prospector of which I am one. Hopefully, there is something here for the most grizzly of veterans and for the newest greenhorn. The site is broken down into easily managed sections, which should lead the reader through all the steps involved in prospecting. Each section will have links to other sites and suggested books for additional reading. Please visit our sponsors. This is a free site and we would like to keep it that way. Have fun and explore.

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DocCopper's Gold Prospecting
  Where the gold is
  Gold Locations East of the Rockies
  Getting started - Gold Prospecting Basics
  Advanced methods of gold recovery
  Gold from Black Sands
  Leaching of Gold
  Beware the hoaxes
  Beyond Prospecting
  ** Outdoor Cooking
  ** Wilderness Survival
  ** Amateur Astronomy
Gold Prospecting Links
  Gold Prospecting Links
  Australian Gold Links
Gold Prospecting Resources
  Gold Prospecting Books
  Gem and Rockhounding Books
  Fossil Books
  Amateur Geology
  Gold Prospecting Store

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