Who is DocCopper?

DocCopper is a materials scientist/engineer. He has a bachelor of science and master of science in metallurgical engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla (former Missouri School of Mines) and a doctorate in materials science and engineering from the University of Arizona. He has several technical publications in the field of extractive metallurgy involving solvent extraction, copper electrorefining and copper electrowinning. If you would like to read about copper metallurgy, click here.

While living in Tucson,Arizona, he became very interested in gold prospecting. Out of this fascination, has come a combing for information. This site will hopefully combine all that knowledge in a concise and interesting way for the reader,

DocCopper's Gold Prospecting Pages

DocCopper's Gold Prospecting Pages

DocCopper's Gold Prospecting
  Where the gold is
  Gold Locations East of the Rockies
  Getting started - Gold Prospecting Basics
  Advanced methods of gold recovery
  Gold from Black Sands
  Leaching of Gold
  Beware the hoaxes
  Beyond Prospecting
  ** Outdoor Cooking
  ** Wilderness Survival
  ** Amateur Astronomy
Gold Prospecting Links
  Gold Prospecting Links
  Australian Gold Links
Gold Prospecting Resources
  Gold Prospecting Books
  Gem and Rockhounding Books
  Fossil Books
  Amateur Geology
  Gold Prospecting Store

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