Beyond Gold Prospecting

Outdoor Cooking, Wilderness Survival, Amateur Astronomy

There is so much more to prospecting that simply finding gold. The ability to get away from the hustle of modern society and immerse yourself in nature is a very important aspect of recreational prospecting. This is area of my website is dedicated to other topics that make recreational propecting more fun and safe. I do not pretend to be an expert in these areas, but if you have some advice or a funny story that you would like to offer, then send me an email. I may add it to the page.

To me, topics that are needed to make a recreational prosepcting adventure safer and more fun (besides finding gold) are outdoor cooking, wilderness survival and amateur astronomy. If there are other things, you like to do while prospecting, let me know. Click on the subject below to find advice, links and books on each subject.

Outdoor Cooking
Wilderness Survival
Amateur Astronomy

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