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This is my four step approach to picking players for ESPN's Baseball Challenge.
I am currently in the 98+% percentile and lead my league by 100+ points. Here is my team if you want to look.

The method is very simple.

1) See who is hot. Here is a list of top 100 players over the last 7 days. (Last updated 5/6/00)

2) Check the schedule starters. Avoid the really good pitchers (i.e. Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, etc.). The following sites are not mine and they take a little time to load. If you know of a better site, please email me at

Probable AL Starters

Probable NL Starters

3) Try to maximize players at hitter friendly parks. While looking at the starting pitchers, look at where teams are playing. Coors (Colorado) and Enron (Houston) are very hitter friendly. There are others as well.

4) Avoid rainouts
Check Precipitation Map for the US.

I always try to remember the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Best of Luck!

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