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Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Ontario

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Lighthouse Established Status  Type Access
Windwill Point 1873 Inactive Conical Car
Prescott Breakwater ??? Active Octagonal Boat
Prescott Visitors' Center ??? Private Octagonal Car
Nine Mile Point 1833 Inactive Cylindrical Carferry
Main Duck Island 1914 Active Octagonal Boat
Old False Duck Island 1828 Inactive Cylindrical Car
Prince Edward Point 1881 Inactive Pyramidal Car
Point Petre 1967 Active Cylindrical Car
Salmon Point (Wicked Point) 1871 Inactive Pyramidal Car
Presqu'ile Point 1840 Active Octagonal Car
Toronto Harbor Aquatic Park 1974 Active Octagonal Car and Foot
Gibraltar Point 1808 Inactive Hexagonal Ferry and Foot
Queen's Wharf 1855 Inactive Square Car
Oakville 1889 Inactive Hexagonal Car
Burlington Canal Front Range Modern Active Modern Car and Foot
Burlington Main 1858 Inactive Cylindrical Car
Port Dalhousie Front Range 1879 Active Pyramidal Car and Foot
Port Dalhousie Rear Range 1898 Inactive Octagonal Car
Port Weller Outer 1931 Active Modern (art deco) Boat
Niagara River Front Range 1903 Active Pyramidal Car
Niagara River Rear Range 1903 Active Pyramidal Car


Gibraltar Point Lighthouse Gibraltar Point Lighthouse Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is located on the Toronto Islands across the harbor from downtown Toronto. Take the ferry from downtown to Centre Island (C$10 for the roundtable). Get a free map from the Information centre of the islands to help lead the way. It is about a 15 minute walk to the light. Enjoy the beautiful park and spectacular view of the city's skyline.

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