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Gold Prospecting Books

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A Field Guide to Gold, Gemstone and Mineral Sites of British Columbia: Vancouver Island
A Gold Hunter's Experience
Advanced Nugget Hunting with the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector
Alaska Gold: A Prospector's Guide
Ancient River of Gold: How Gold Deposits Are Formed and Where They Can Be Found
Arizona Gold Placers and Placering
Arizona's Golden Secret: How to Get Your Share of Desert Gold!
Arizona's Little Known Gold Placers
Bulletproof Principles for Striking Gold
Buried Treasures of the American Southwest
California's Gold Rush Country
Caribou: The Newly Discovered Gold Fields of British Columbia, Fully Described by a Returned Digger
Colorado's Lost Gold Mines and Buried Treasure
Delos Toole's Where to Find Arizona's Placer Gold
Dig Your Own Gold
Diving and Digging for Gold
Dredging for Gold
Dry Washing for Gold
Experiences of Gold Hunters in Alaska
Exploring and Mining Gems and Gold in the West, Vol. 1
Fairbanks Gold
Find an Ounce of Gold a Day
Finding Gold in the Desert: The Art of Dry Washing
Gold along the Fraser
Gold Camps and Silver Cities
Gold Deposits Guidebook
Gold Dredgers Handbook
Gold Fever!: Tales from the California Gold Rush
Gold Fever: The Art of Panning and Sluicing
Gold Fever
Gold Gold in New Hampshire
Gold Guidebook for Nevada and Utah
Gold Hunting in the Cascade Mountains
Gold in Ontario
Gold in the Black Hills
Gold in the Hills
Gold in Trib 1: Flying, Hiking, and Gold Prospecting Adventure in Wild, Present-Day Alaska
Gold Miners and Guttersnipes: Tales of California
Gold Mining in Oregon
Gold Mining in the 1990s
Gold Mining in Washington State, Yesterday and Today: Pioneer Stories
Gold Occurrences of Colorado
Gold of the Stanley Area
Gold Panner's Manual: A Guide for the Complete Novice
Gold Panner's Manual
Gold Panning and Placering in Colorado : How and Where
Gold Panning Equipment : Build Your Own
Gold Panning for Cash: A Great Part-Time Job
Gold Panning in New Mexico : From Map Reading to Staking the Claim
Gold Panning Methods and Equipment
Gold Placer Deposits in East Central Alaska
Gold Placer Deposits in Northcentral Alaska
Gold Placer Deposits in Northeast Alaska (Dalton Highway)
Gold Placer Deposits in Northwest Alaska
Gold Placer Deposits in Southeast Alaska
Gold Placer Deposits in Southwest Alaska
Gold Placer Deposits in Westcentral Alaska
Gold Placer Deposits Near Anchorage, Alaska
Gold Placer Deposits Near Fairbanks Alaska
Gold Placer Deposits Near Nome Alaska: Centennial Edition
Gold Placer Deposits Near Talkeetna, Alaska
Gold Prospecting along the Yukon River
Gold Prospecting in Ohio
Gold Prospectors Handbook
Gold Rocker Handbook
Gold Rush!: The Young Prospector's Guide to Striking It Rich
Gold Rushes and Mining Camps of the Early American West
Gold Yours for the Digging
Gold! Gold!: How and Where to Prospect for Gold
Gold! the ABC's of Panning
Gold, Guns and Ghost Towns, 1868-1943
Gold: How and Where to Find It Yourself
Gold: Principal Gold Producing Districts of Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Tennessee
Gold: Principal Gold Producing Districts of Idaho
Gold: Principal Gold Producing Districts of Utah
Goldpanning Southwest BC and Vancouver Island: A Prospector's Treasure Trail To Creeks of Gold
Guide to the Cripple Creek-Victor District
Hatcher Pass Gold: An Historical Guide to the Willow Creek Mines
History of Placer and Quartz Gold Mining in the Coeur D'alene District
How to Prospect for Gold, Silver Gems
How to Smelt Your Gold and Silver

Other titles at Barnes and Noble:

Hunting for Gold in Alaska's Talkeetna Mountains 1897-1951: With a Background Sketch of Alaska's Great Gold-Lode Camps
Kenai Peninsula Gold
Lake Superior Gold: An Amateur's Guide to Prospecting in the Lake Superior Region
Looking for Gold: The Modern Prospector's Handbook
Lost Gold and Silver Mines of the Southwest
Make It Pay Gold Dredge: Klondike, Yukon, Canada
Mammoth Gold: The Ghost Towns of Lake District
Michigan Gold : Mining in the Upper Peninsula
Mining in the West
Modern Metal Detectors, Revised
Old California: Gold Mines and Gold Mining Towns
Pay Dirt: The Search for Gold in British Columbia
Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona
Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada
Placer Gold Deposits of the Sierra Nevada
Principal Gold Producing District of Alaska
Principal Gold Producing District of Arizona
Principal Gold Producing District of Montana
Principal Gold Producing District of New Mexico
Principal Gold Producing District of Oregon
Principal Gold Producing District of Washington
Principal Gold Producing Districts of Colorado
Principal Gold Producing Districts of Michigan, South Dakota and Wyoming
Prospecting for Gold: From Dogtown to Virginia City, 1852-1864
Prospecting for Lode Gold
Quest for the Dutchman's Gold: The 100-Year Mystery
Recreation Gold Prospecting for Fun and Profit
Rough and Ready Prospectors
Simple Methods of Mining Gold
Small-Scale Gold Mining: A Manual Based on Experience in Suriname
Small-Scale Gold Mining: Processing Techniques in Developing Countries
Stampede to Timberline: The Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Colorado
The Conrey Placer Mining Company: A Pioneer Gold-Dredging Enterprise in Montana, 1897-1922
The Guide to Gold Panning
The New Gold Panning Is Easy
The Next Bend in the River: Gold Mining in Maine
The Northern Gold Fleet: Twentieth-Century Gold Dredging in Alaska
The Weekend Gold Miner
Treasure Hunting for Fun and Profit
Washington State Gold Mines
Where to Find Gold and Gems in Nevada
Where to Find Gold in Oregon
Where to Find Gold in Southern California
Where to Find Yankee Placer Gold
Where to Prospect for Gold in Alaska Without Getting Shot!
You Can Find Gold: With a Metal Detector
Yours for the Taking: Getting More of Your Share of Desert Gold!