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Our New House

Address: 1604 Clipper Cove, Painesville, OH 44077

Phone: (440) 358-0966




House Floor Plan (Front is facing north.  There have been some modifications.  The great room’s south wall is even with the outside wall of the breakfast area.  The master bathroom and Bedroom 3 have been rearranged.)

Kitchen Layout 1 (Cabinets on East Side)

Kitchen Layout 2 (Cabinets on West Side)


Pictures taken on July 27, 2003

House from the Front (can you pick out the differences from the day before)

Front Walk

Front Entry

Front Bed



Pictures taken on July 26, 2003

House from the Front (my how the grass has grown)

Front Entry

Front Bed

Front Door


Pictures taken on June 1, 2003

House from the Front (new sidewalks, some seeded areas)

West Side of House (notice Mount Moats is missing in the back)

East Side of House (notice wetlands in foreground – the home of at least two ducks)

Another shot of the front with more emphasis on the grass growing

A close up of the grass (yes we are proud of our little grass sprouts)


Pictures taken on May 4, 2003

House from the Front (with grading and old sidewalk pile)

House from the Back (from the top of Mount Moats)

Mike playing King of the Hill on Mount Moats

View of the Lake from the Hill

Looking Away from Backyard (Future Park)

Master Bedroom with Furniture and Blinds

Blinds in the Great Room

Lakeshore where the beach will be in 18 months (should be interesting to watch the cliff disappear)


Pictures taken on March 29, 2003

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 3

Great Room 1

Great Room 2


Pictures taken on February 3, 2003

Master Bath Sink and Cabinet

Kitchen Lights

Main Room Lights




Pictures taken on January 21, 2003

Kitchen w/ Cabinets



Pictures taken on December 7&8, 2002 (Siding is on the exterior and the interior has been drywalled)


Subdivision Entrance (1) and (2)

Lake View from Subdivision Entrance (there will be a beach here in about 2 years)

View from Master Bath Window

House from the street

House from NE corner

House from SE corner

House from NW corner

Inside 1 Inside Great Room facing back of house.

Inside 2 Inside Master Bedroom facing Walk-in Closet and Master Bath.

Inside 3 Looking north through the kitchen toward the garage.


Pictures taken on November 27, 2002:


Front with Snow and Sun

NE Corner with Snow and Sun


Pictures taken on November 24, 2002:


Front of House with Brick

Looking toward the Lake (Can you see the lake?  Not the large puddle.)


Pictures taken on November 16, 2002:


Garage Door Installed

Fireplace Installed (Southeast corner of Great Room)


Pictures taken on November 9, 2002:


House from the street (North Side)

House from NE corner

House from SE corner

House from SW corner

House from NW corner

Front Door and Landing

Inside 1 Inside Great Room facing Southeast corner.  Looking at Kitchen/Dining Area.

Inside 2 Inside Master Bedroom facing northeast.  Looking at Great Room and Walk-in Closet.

Inside 3 Inside Front Bedroom facing south.  Looking at Middle Bedroom and 2nd Bathroom.